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Welcome to Khilonewala!

Khilonewala is a start up venture, started from Indore
(M. P.) in 2011.Khilonewala is India’s No. 1 Toy Library which rents Toys, Games, Books, CD’s, VCD’s and Outdoor games to kids of age group between 1 to 12 years.

Khilonewala is changing the way kids grow and learn while they play. We use toys, games, books and CD’s as a tool to make your kids learn while having fun.

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The World of Khilonewala

  • Khilonewala for you

    • Now get Toys, Books & CDs on RENT for your child– Delivered at your doorstep
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  • Franchise Opportunities

    • Become an entrepreneur by investing as low as Rs 2.25 Lakhs
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  • Catalogue

    • Over 1000 products to choose from
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  • How it works

    • Our Concept is Simple
      Play > retun > Get New
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  • Membership Plans

    • Choose from our plans to become member of our library
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  • Why Khilonewala

    • Benefits of Khilonewala for Parents & their Child
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Happy Customers

  In this busy life, it is not possible for me to go to Khilonewala library for collecting Toys. But free Home Delivery facility given by Khilonewala is exceptional as I get new Toys, Books and CD’s every week for my kid at my doorstep.


  Khilonewala library offers very economical start up plans and it’s great that they offer good discounts if we go for longer duration plans. I have taken yearly Gold Plan in which I will be getting 43200 Rs worth of toys, books and CD’s, while I just have to shell out Rs 333 per month. Khilonewala plans are a great VALUE FOR MONEY!!!


  As educated parents we know the importance of learning through playing, reading and watching which we get from various Toys, Books & CD’s. I joined Khilonewala which gives great exposure to my child to develop faster than others.


  I used to buy a lot of Toys, Books and CD’s for my daughter, but she used to get bored very soon. After becoming the Khilonewala library member I don’t need to worry about Toys, Books and CD’s as my child gets new items every week. The concept is Simple. PLAY > RETURN > GET NEW


  I must admit that I can see my little daughter learning faster than other kids after I joined Khilonewala library. She is learning while having fun as she is exposed to many IQ games & puzzles, creative & knowledge based books, educational CD’s etc. Now I am a proud mother of a happy daughter


  My son is 7 yr old and I was very much worried about his habit of getting engaged in unfruitful activities like watching TV, playing video games & play station. After joining the Khilonewala library he has become a good reader, my thanks to Khilonewala library for providing new and creative books that have generated his interests in reading and thereby making him life-long learner


  Before joining Khilonewala library, I never thought off in my wildest dream that my daughter would ever be able to play with branded toys like Mattel, Hot Wheels, Fischer Price, Frank, Skill-O-Fun, Little Genius etc. because I cannot afford it. Thanks to Khilonewala that my child does not play with CHINESE toys any more. I wish Khilonewala to grow and extend their services to all other parents like me


  I was waiting for Khilonewala Franchisee to open in my city and it started after sometime and I was the first to join the library for my child who now enjoys new Toys, Books & CD’s every week.


  My grandson Aarav, used to watch excessive TV and I was disturbed by the quality of programs on TV, as it does not tell us anything about our culture, gods, and traditions. I am happy to be the member of Khilonewala as they have a good collection of animated Mythology CD’s like Ramayana , Mahabharata , Shiv Leela , Jai Hanuman , Jataka tales etc which will help my grandson to know about our vast culture and traditions


  Khilonewala has collection of more than 1000 Toys, Books & CD’s which updates regularly. They also accepts our valuable suggestions. I wanted Flash card for my little son which was not with Khilonewala when I became a member. Accepting my suggestion, they have added it to there stock and I was first to receive it. Khilonewala rocks!!!


Latest News

Hurray! Khilonewala reaches another milestone. It serves more than 4000 families! Now we can proudly say HAPPINESS HOME-DELIVERED!!

Khilonewala acted socially responsible by donating Toys, Books and CDs to underprivileged children on the occasion of Children’s Day!!!

Khilonewala launches Premium Toys, Big Toys & Party Toys Plan in various cities

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